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Vehicle Repair and maintenance information kept simple with solutions you can use. Car repairs will be done properly if you are a knowledgable consumer and we will help you become that kind of customer. Look around this site we think you will find what you need. If you do not find some information you would like go to the comments and questions page where you can ask a question. We will answer you as soon as we can, just leave an email address where we can reach you. We add and update things on this site everyday. You will find tools here that you probably won't see anywhere else. Catalog updates are done as we find or make the latest and greatest in tools and technologies.


   We have been in the automotive industry for 35 years and 20 of those years with a vehicle repair facility in Carlton, New York. Many situations come up with automotive repairs where there has to be a better way to make a repair of a broken bolt, stud, the removal of a fuel filter, fuel lines, heater hose, 4x4 wheel bearing hubs and more.

   While trying to find some solutions on the web, we realized much of the basic information about vehicle repair did not seem to be available. We also did not find the information to be free or in simplistic terms. After 30+ years of trying to come up with a solution to these simple and on going problems, we discovered a better way to make many of these repairs. The full story will be on its own page.

    In the mean time, some of our customers who come from 100's of miles away asked us for information valuable to them about their vehicle repair needs be put on the web. They have asked us to put up a website where they could come for helpful hints, down to earth information about the latest technology in vehicle repair today, information on pending laws that affect the consumer as well as the repair facility and more, from a staff they have trusted for years.

    Our repair facility at the same time has patent pending status on some new repair items, a new technology known as TOUGHNUTZ™ and tools we have developed for our customers over the years so they have less down time and save money.

   Everything on this website will be things we have learned over the years, some tricks of the trade and keeping the information highway as simple as possible when talking about cars and light trucks.

    We are on YOU-TUBE with our videos at “the Frik and Frak show”. On these videos you will see us having a laugh as well as giving out information about new ideas (technologies), old ideas, a joke or two and some helpful hints. Our site is for the seasoned professional, the DIY folks as well as the customers who don't understand their vehicles and how they work. No exotic talk here just down to earth information. We are tired of people in all businesses talking in a language that no one can understand.

    We are excited about serving you anyway we can. We will give you the most up to date information as we see it. Remember we are not perfect, but we will always be bone honest here. We are so excited about having our own websites both here and at www.toughnutz.com. Go there and watch the videos so you can see some of the many uses for TOUGHNUTZ™.